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Our award-winning IP voice services simplify network management and drive operational efficiencies by enabling the convergence of voice and data traffic on the same access connection. With Verizon IP Trunking, we provide a SIP trunk directly to the customer's IP PBX.


  • Network Efficiencies: Multi-site enterprises can share trunking resources for peak traffic, thanks to our Burstable Enterprise Shared Trunking feature.
  • Simplified Network Administration: Customers can leverage a single vendor solution and manage local services from a central location.
  • Cost Control:¬†Trunking resources can be shared across the enterprise and purchased "per port" instead of increments of 23.
  • Flexible Business Continuity Options: Reliability and performance can be enjoyed.


  • Gain additional flexibility for multi-site customers to support branch office local services via a centralized access point to Verizon, reducing the need to manage multiple local service vendors.
  • Support virtual presence in multiple local markets nationwide without the need for expensive TDM FX circuits.
  • Leverage enhanced IP-based failover and load balancing configurations to support business continuity plans.
  • Incoming traffic can be evenly distributed between two geographically dispersed sites via load-balancing options.¬†
  • Utilize existing voice and data WAN resources by replacing dedicated voice circuits and moving to a common IP-based infrastructure, which dynamically supports both voice and data applications.

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